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" A lot of young bands fall into the trap of trying to ride the cultural Zeitgeist. It's an easy mistake to make, trying to sound like what people are responding to at any particular moment - Zeahorse aren't one of those bands. Instead they've channelled the spirits of countless experimental art bands, early '90s indie bands....the vocals are abrasive, the guitars squeal, rush and clank and the bass has a thick meaty tone But if you aren't particularly enamoured with abrasive vocals don't fret. There's really a whole lot more instrumental music here than there are vocals. Another thing Zeahorse are doing differently to most new bands is giving their emphatic and confident musicianship plenty of space to breathe.........Zeahorse are live scene regulars and on the strength of this debut, they deserve your support by checking out this album out to"
- Danielle O'Donohue - Drum Media Album Review